Jummai sake, Taiwan



Country : Taiwan / Taoyuan

Distillery : Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Co., Ltd.

Main material: Penglai rice

Type : Sake

Flavor : Dry

Alcohol concentration : 13.5%

Capacity : 600ml

Yuquan Junmai Sake is a sake with a relatively long history launched by the Taiwan Wine Company. The Yuquan Junmai Sake of Tanligankou is the “Junmai Brewing” of the first-class Penglai rice, which fully presents the flavor of high-quality Penglai rice, and the flavor of the wine is quite mellow. It is the first choice of wine to accompany many Taiwanese wedding banquets.

Yuquan pure rice sake has a very rich taste. The reason why many Taiwanese wedding banquets like to use Yuquan pure rice sake is also because its special rich wine goes well with meat dishes, and Taiwanese table dishes are often dominated by a large number of meat dishes. Junmai sake can be skillfully combined with meat dishes, which can make the meat aroma more prominent. It can be used with Yuquan puremai sake without losing the elegant wine aroma. Moreover, the aroma of Yuquan puremai sake is long-lasting, and it can be quite relieved when paired with meat dishes. It can also be paired with tofu dishes. The classic Sichuan cuisine with old skin and tender meat is paired with Yuquan pure rice sake. The sweet wine aroma and the salty and savory tofu are soft and tender. It is comfortable to eat a dish and a wine.


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