Yuchun Sake, Taiwan



Country : Taiwan / Taoyuan

Distillery : Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Co., Ltd.

Main material: Penglai rice

Type : Sake

Flavor : Dry

Alcohol concentration : 13.5%

Capacity : 600ml

Yuquan sake is a traditional sake brewing method, using high-quality Penglai rice, which is highly refined and whitened, and the rice heart is used as the raw material. With carefully cultivated high-quality rice koji and yeast, it is fermented and brewed under low temperature conditions, and it goes through the processes of removing dregs, separating liquor, activated carbon treatment, clarification, filtration, stabilization and blending to make the wine mature and mellow. Yuquan Sake The quality of sake is light and spicy, so Yuquan sake is excellent for all kinds of dishes.

In addition to ice drinking, Yuquan sake is also very suitable for warm drinking. The temperature of warm drinking can enhance the aroma and sweetness of the sake body, the wine sense will be more prominent, and the layered taste after the entrance will be more intense. is also super good!

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