Origin: Taiwan

Flowers are slow (sweet with smoky wine)

Rice polishing step: 70%

Alcohol: 13.5%

Acidity: 1.1

Amino acid: 1.5

Japanese sake degree: +5

Capacity: 500ML

The mountain cherry yeast with the local flavor of Taiwan, it is not the smell of mountain cherry blossoms that endows it with “flower. Self slow”, but the aroma of cantaloupe and pear, accompanied by the creamy texture of cheese and yogurt. The wine is mellow and refreshing, with a balance of sweet and sour. You can feel the elegant aroma of cantaloupe and apple in the entrance, with a sweet aftertaste. In terms of drinking temperature, ice drinks or room temperature have different tastes to enjoy. It is suitable for drinking or with meals. In terms of meal suggestions, dishes such as sashimi, salt-grilled mackerel, and herb-roasted chicken can enhance the sweetness and aroma of the “Flower. Self-Slow” liquor in the throat, increasing the pleasure of drinking.

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