KIKUFUJI – Raw Storage Sake



Country : Taiwan / Taoyuan

Distillery : Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Co., Ltd.

Main ingredients : Penglai rice, rice koji, brewed alcohol

Type : Sake

Flavor : Dry

Rice polishing step: 70%

Alcohol concentration : 13%

Capacity : 500ml

Kikufuji raw sake is a special kind of sake. It uses carefully selected Hog-Rai rice, and 70% pure white rice is selected from the heart of the rice. After fermentation and pressing, it is not heated in the traditional way, but is stored at low temperature (0℃~4℃). 』Mature, then sterilized and packaged, because it is sterilized after aging, so it retains more of the original aroma and refreshing taste of fermentation. The iced drink (5-10℃) in summer has a refreshing taste, and the warm drink (40℃) in winter has a round and full taste. It can be easily matched with refreshing Chinese seafood and Japanese and Western dishes. It is the first choice of sake for daily meals. It can also be paired with heavy-tasting dishes, such as three-cup chicken, steamed shrimp with garlic and other Taiwanese dishes that use a lot of spice, especially the sweet fruit in the wine body, which blends with the aroma of garlic, not only will it not steal the sake. The taste can also highlight the taste layering of its dishes.


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