General Terms and Conditions

We are Global Golden Trend Limited (collectively, “we” or “the Company”). We own and operate the website (collectively, this website). Our website provides online shopping and delivery services through the Internet. By using this website, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this website. Please peruse the Company’s terms and conditions in detail. The terms and conditions of this website are effective from the date of publication, and the Company will update the terms and conditions of this website from time to time and reserve all rights. By using our website and services, you are deemed to have agreed to accept the latest version of all terms and conditions of this website.


The employees, contractors and any third-party suppliers of the Company and its affiliates expressly disclaim any responsibility or representation or warranty or compensation for the following matters:
1. The accuracy, completeness, timeliness, operation, quality, or the suitability and / or use for any purpose of the website, the relevant information or the information stored or obtained by its servers;
2. All goods or services provided, requested or obtained based on the relevant information, or through the website;
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4. The relevant information may contain or cause mistakes and inaccuracies;
5. Unless complied with law, we will not be liable for any of your loss, damage or expense (including direct or indirect or related);
6. The Company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage or loss incurred by customers who use relevant information on this website;
7. We do not guarantee the information on the website is up-to-date or accurate, or the products or services on the website are always available. The Company reserves the right to change the content on at any time without notice.

Return policy

1. In case of any damage, error or omission upon receiving the goods, please take photos to record the condition of the goods. All return requests must be sent by email to within 3 days after receipt of order. Any application requests sent after 3 days upon receipt of goods will not be accepted. Please attach photos as verification of the application. For successful application, the return of the affected items will be in the form of G-Dollars (valid for one year after issuance). In case of any dispute, the Company reserves the right of final decision.

2. Returns are only applicable to the following reasons:

  • Expired goods
  • Spoiled goods
  • Damaged packaging which affects the quality of the food inside
  • The goods received do not match the goods ordered
  • In other cases, please send an email to

In case of any dispute, the Company reserves the right of final decision. 

Please provide the following information to facilitate the handling process:

  • Order number
  • Registered phone number
  • Damaged product (with photos attached)
  • Damaged product description
  • After receiving your return request, we will check whether the products meet the return requirements. Once the return application is confirmed, you will receive a return confirmation email.

If the application does not comply with our return policy, it will not be approved. In case of any doubt, please contact the HK Grocery Customer Service team to inquire about return.
The Company reserves the right to modify and change the return policy at any time without prior notice.

User commitment 

1. Users will not carry out any infringement-related activities;
2. Users will not use this website to carry out any illegal, improper, unlawful, defamatory acts or activities;
3. The information provided to the Company is true, complete and correct to your best knowledge;
4. Users accept all terms, conditions and statements contained within the website;
5. Users allow the Company to use the relevant information for research study and analysis;
6. All losses, damages, liabilities, claims and expenses caused by your violation of the terms contained within the website or your negligence upon the use of the website to the Company shall be compensated to prevent the Company from losses.


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