Automatic‧Waterproof‧Work‧Convenience‧Home‧Outing‧Rain Gear‧Unnurella Series – Khaki

$498.00 280g


Weight: about 280g


UV shielding rate : Light color: about 80%, dark color: about 90%

Material: 100% polyester fiber

Waterproof function‧Bounce away when exposed to water

Automatic open/close

On a rainy day, when you enter a commuter train or commercial facility, or when you are invited to an important business talk or a friend’s house, rainwater drips more than you can imagine.By shining a spotlight on such everyday events that everyone has experienced, we thought that we could consider the surroundings without getting the umbrella wet, so we crossed the function of the highest level of water repellent effect.With a single stroke, turn off the raindrops that remain on the umbrella. Therefore, it does not bother people in public places such as trains. We have created an umbrella for adults that can be attentive to the people around us.

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