BREEZE – AIRPRO Mini Clip Auto Air Freshener (Pack of 4 )


About this item:

Neutralize odors: An air freshener can help neutralize the stinky odors in your car that may be caused due to different reasons. A car air freshener can help create a subtle and calming ambiance in your car.

Refresh:With a subtle and mild air freshener in your car you can always feel fresh and lively as scents have a deep impact on us. Not only the driver but the passengers will also enjoy the ride which smells pleasant.

Mood: Various studies have shown that scents have a deep impact on your mood. Having an air freshener in your car can improve your mood. It also helps reduce stress when you are stuck in traffic.

Vent Air Fresheners: Vent air fresheners are simple to use air fresheners. Simply clip to the ac vent and enjoy the mild, long lasting scent of the air freshener. inVent by Airpro is a range of vent fragrances that you can use by simply clipping on your car’s vents.

Drive away all your worries as New Car fragrance is inspired by flower bouquet to create a fresh and comfortable feeling for you.

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