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Special Duty is the thicker, stronger, heavy duty version of the renowned Bardahl B1 Engine Treatment. It is specially formulated for trucks, trailers and heavy-duty machinery to improve their ability to take severe stress, extend their oil drain intervals and lengthen their serviceable life spans.

It contains outstanding oil stabilizing, deposit control and dispersant chemistries as well as the unique Polar Plus Triple Protection Formula that uses 3 layers of protection to shield engine parts against friction, heat and wear. It is an OEM accepted, multi-functional engine treatment product.

Great Benefits and Better Solutions

  1. 3 layer protection against friction, heat and wear
  2. Better fuel economy
  3. Maintains and restores water tightness of piston & cylinder wall
  4. Protects against excessive oil temperature
  5. Temporary engine protection in case of oil leaks
  6. Prevents damaging ‘dry starts’
  7. Longer oil drain intervals
  8. Reduces, removes soot & deposits
  9. Longer engine life
  10. New Engines: Maintains peak performance
  11. Old Engines: Revitalizes and restores lost power

Brand : Bardahl

Origin : USA

Product Code: 1511-A
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Additional information